On May 26, 2021, we celebrated the groundbreaking of our new 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Chandler, Arizona, at the Lone Butte Industrial Park on the Gila River Indian Community.

A little bit about us — we are a small business manufacturer of hard alloy aluminum shapes, rod, bar and forging stock for commercial and recreational uses, and ready to serve the aerospace, defense, automotive, recreational, and medical industries. We are extremely proud to be woman-owned and managed. Our team has a prominent history of on-time delivery of quality metal products and dedicated to integrity and respect for its customers and employees. Instrumental to our success is the leadership of the Fraley family, long renowned in the industry for their successful development of prominent hard alloy aluminum manufacturing businesses since the family’s initial start in the business beginning in 1973.

Over the years, these companies have been sold to new owners, however, the Fraley family’s impression has remained in the minds of former customers and employees, who have especially missed the stable customer relationships, and employee-centered approach to operations management. We are excited to embark on a venture that delivers unsurpassed customer service, along with a work environment and management approach that supports our employees and their families.

FALCO has been established to rise to the challenge, heeding the call of aluminum extrusion customers who are demanding the return of a truly, customer-focused supplier offering faster lead times, and creating an employee-focused enterprise with a satisfying work environment wherein the experience of each individual team member contributes to its overall mission of meeting its customers’ needs and demands while delivering renowned service, on-time delivery and high-quality extrusions.

As a company, we have chosen to focus on Faith, Family and Female-owned and managed, which is reflected in the design of the FALCO company logo—featuring three, prominently intertwined, capital letter F’s. The FALCO family will be welcoming back some experienced, long-serving members to the team and hiring new team members too. To apply, visit our careers section to submit your resume today.

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